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Who We Are


We are a multi-faith, non-partisan coalition of churches, ministries, community based organizations, governmental agencies, businesses and concerned individuals working together to serve the people of the communities they represent concerning Housing, Education, Counseling, and various other need-based programs.

What We Do

Serving Others

MS Faith-Based Coalition provides programs to ensure low-to-moderate income individuals and families have the education resources they need to make sound financial decisions related to housing (rent and purchase) and budgeting. These programs are mainly delivered through workshops and information sharing.

Our Programs

Post-Purchase Workshops

Let us help you get the most out of your homeowner experience...

Community Projects

We love to give back to the community in the form of special projects, such as our Meals for the Homeless and Christmas Giveaway...

Budget Counseling

Join us as we provide services to the community. Our goal is to fill the need in the areas of Housing, Budget/Finances, and Counseling

Committed to the Community

Serving Clients in the Southeast Region of the United States

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“…We are so grateful. The MS Faith-Based workshop they gave about homeownership helped us know what to expect when we were purchasing our first home.…”
Shantwanna Jackson
First-time Homeowner

A Helping Hand

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